Rescue Pros

The safety professionals at The Hayles Group Inc. provide life saving services for the Film industry. Experienced in the full spectrum of underwater and swift water conditions, the rescuers, instructors, divemasters, and medics (I.A. local 767) are the safest stunt professionals in the West.

The experiences gained on movie sets, rescue scenes, and swift water environment has inspired David Hayles, founder of the The Hayles Group, to invent, patent, and manufacture a new swift water advanced rescue device or SWARD.



Hayles Inc. Announces First Industrial Sales of its Safety Rescue Ladders
Valencia, CA - Monday, May 02, 2005

After years of development and months of testing of its Swift Water Advanced Rescue Device (or SWARD), Hayles, Inc. is proud to announces its first two major sales,
one to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (or DWP), and the other to A.R.M., a Florida helicopter Company. David Hayles, a retired Inglewood Auxiliary Firefighter, is the inventor of the SWARD. David Hayles currently works as a Rescue Diver on Motion Picture Industry. The rescue device, an extremely strong and easily deployed rope ladder, was developed for use in water and ice rescue, as well as for use as a very strong yet flexible laddering system. The DWP purchased the SWARD as a rescue device, A.R.M's decision was based on pricing, strength, and the high visibility of the SWARD from a helicopter. After obtaining our full US Patent, we are currently in negotiations for international delivery to Japan, Singapore, and Panama for both rescue devices and ladder systems.

The sales to DWP and A.R.M, follow months of testing and successful tries, both in
a wild river environment and urban concrete channels. The first trial was performed in April 2004, witnessed by Bob Fisher from the Inyo-Kern County Search Rescue, where 6 out of 6 test victims were rescued from the Inyo-Kern River. Thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers turning the water up on the Dam, a second trial was performed in October 2004, in Class 4 rapids on the American River, as part of Instructor Julie Munger’s Rescue 3 SRT 1 class. Once again, 100% of the 6 test victims were pulled out of the rapids unharmed. The third and final test was performed in the Los Angeles Jensen Filtration Plant; 9 out 9 mock victims (L.A.F.D./Swift water Rescue Team Member were rescued out of the high speed Channel, prompting the DWP to purchase the S.W.A.R.D.'s used in the test. These SWARD's are already affixed to a service bridges over the aqueduct and surrounding treatment pits, in order to provide a secure and easily visible rescue path for any Plant Employee who might fall in the waterway.

As shown by record-setting rains flooding California and the recent hurricane disasters in Florida, the Earth's Weather is beginning to fluctuate more extremely under the constant pressure of global warming. As population centers increase in density in flood-prone and low-lying areas, the risk for water, ice, and mud rescues is increasing as well. Gauging from the early interest in the SWARD and the volume of inquiries about this new product, we anticipate a high and growing demand for our rescuer-and-victim-friendly rescue devices. Their low cost, very high strength, and very high visibility in tough conditions offer a great combination to rescue and safety professionals all over the world.

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